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Lloyd Cresswell - September 2006

I bought your DVD / CD-Rom and completed the walk with 7 others last Monday - 9hours 55minutes with a few snack breaks.

We left at 07:25hrs and posted all relevant details (as specified in the cafe window) through the cafe letter box.

On our return, as we purchased pints(!) of coffee we were told we couldn't join the club as we hadn't pre-booked! I asked what that meant and the young lady there told me that this gave them the heads up to stay open late to make sure we got back safely.

I stated that surely the information we provided was enough as we were back before their standard closing time anyway. No deal, she said it was a safety service and as we hadn't booked in advance we weren't eligible!

To rub salt into the contradictory wounds she then asked me to sign my sheet to say we were all safe. When I asked why, when she'd just said we weren't in the "system" she just shrugged her shoulders!

I don't really mind, hey it's them that have missed out on 8 people's worth of merchandise they could have sold, but the whole thing was full of contradiction.

I appreciate it is nothing to do with you directly but thought you might want to include this in the DVD etc. Also if you can pass this on to the cafe owners I'd be grateful as I've 8 people who'd like their certificate etc.

Thanks for reading the moan and thanks for a great service.

Lloyd Cresswell

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